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We know how annoying it can be sometimes when things just don’t work out for you, well let me tell you your in the right place if you are experiencing problems whilst using our system.

You will see a F.A.Q below which should answer the majority of questions, we have also recently implemented a support system on which the user can send an email to us we will then aim to reply within 24 hours with a solution to your problem.

Please check our F.A.Q before submitting a support email, thanks.

Can I get Instagram Likes from using your service?

This is a question we get asked a lot, and unfortunately the answer is no, but this doesn’t mean this isn’t something we will be offering in the future. Our system only supports the delivery of natural safe followers.

Why are the packages limited to a max 15K?

When we first started we begun with just two packages 500 followers and 1000 followers, we soon realised the demand in the industry after receiving high loads of orders, we are now able to offer the end user 15K followers which is only going to increase and the best thing about it is there all natural and active. Be prepared for larger packages in the future, check our blog for updates.

How long have you been offering FREE Instagram Followers to the public?

We have been offering this service since October 2014 ever since that day we have grown larger and larger and have no one to thank apart from you guys! We sincerely hope our system pleases you and gets you famous!

I didn't receive my followers or only received partial?

Our system delivers followers in a queue therefor you must wait your turn, followers usually take around two hours to fully deliver however can take anything up to 48 in some cases depending on the high amount of traffic we receive. We recommend waiting a total of three days before getting in contact, if we find the Followers have not been released to the account we will be happy to send them manually.

Can't complete the survey, what's going on?

The surveys them self are implemented to stop bots from stealing our followers and placing them on fake accounts to scam people etc. We have tried our best only use surveys that anyone can complete however hard enough for a bot to auto fill the fields. If you are struggling you can always try a different one as there are usually around 4 available to complete.  If you are still having problems drop us an email and we will look straight in to it for you.

Am I risking my account by using this service?

Of course your not, our system delivers natural active users, last time I checked Instagram have not got any terms that limits you to friends and fame! We can happily say we have not had one account get banned / penalized from using our awesome service, so go get involved!

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