All you need to know about us!

Welcome to our About us page, here you will find who we are, what we do and how we do it. If this is your first time visiting our site be sure to check out our newly created Blog, our Blog will include news updates about Instagram but also updates coming to our website as we are always working hard to give you Instagram users the experience you deserve and demand. Below we will be explaining the service we offer and how it all works just to clarify the process.


What’s it all about?

Instantly Followed was purely created for the demand of Free Instagram followers I see so many people surfing the web for how to get free Instagram followers after doing my own research I found so many fake websites that ask you for money or complete a survey but in reality just par you off without giving you anything apart from a headache and time you will never get back.

At Instantly Followed we can guarantee you will receive the followers and to a high standard, no need to worry and panic yourself as we have been running for over a year now and going strong.

We started offering two packages these consisting of 100 and 250 follower packages when we first launched, we are now giving a whopping 15K FREE followers to anyone and everyone who needs them, the best thing about it is no password is required and the service is 100% trustworthy and not against Instagram’s TOS, you can read more benefits of using our service on our FREE Instagram Followers page.

What’s the process?

The process has now been made easier than it ever has before, it really is a case of 1-2-3. Here at Instantly Followed we feel that the end users experience should be pleasant, speedy and reliable so we have built a system that delivers just that.

By entering your Instagram username to the field on the Free Instagram followers page our system then fetches your account details this consists of how many followers your account has and how many people you are following, if all is well our system should give the message “User added to system” if you see this message you are ready for the next step:

free instagram followers submit

Now simply select a package that best suits your requirements, this can be anything from 100 to a whopping 15K followers, once selected you will then have to complete the verification step (making sure your not a bot).


Why the survey?

That’s a good question which we get asked quite a bit, we have implemented the surveys to stop bots from stealing our Instagram followers from our automated system. Previously we were able to stop them by using a CAPTCHA code but they were able to be bypassed by software such as CAPTCHA crackers so we had to up our game. We are now stopping almost all the bots and separating humans from computers once and for all.

There are two types of surveys we offer, one being for the desktop and another for mobile and tablet devices, below I will explain how easy it is to complete one and gain access to the Instagram followers you deserve and earned.

Desktop Survey:

free instagram followers desktop

Desktop surveys take around 2-3 Minutes and usually require the following:

  • Entering a prize draw to win an iPhone, shopping vouchers and rewards etc etc.
  • Will sometimes require some simple information such as email, date of birth and location (Please enter as much real information as you can).
  • We ask you to complete just ONE simple survey and we will then release your selected amount of followers to the account entered.

Mobile Survey:

free instagram followers mobile

Mobile surveys take around 1-2 minutes and usually require the following:

  • Downloading an app and sometimes opening the app to complete the process – from experience this is the quickest.
  • Entering a simple prize draw for a chance to win vouchers.
  • In some cases require your email, date of birth and other simple information that may aid the company to contact if you were to win.
  • We ask you to complete just ONE simple Mobile survey upon completion you will receive your Instagram followers.

Having problems?

Remember support is just round the corner, visit our F.A.Q first before submitting an email to our support team on our Contact Us page.