Welcome to Instantly Followed, if your wondering how to get free instagram followers you’re in the right place and only a few short steps away.

Instagram is one of the leading social media companies and has been expanding since October 2010 when it was launched. Users have been battling for free instagram followers for years and are always trying to beat their friends and family to become famous online. It is not solely used for the general public it has however got great use for people running a business or even celebrities who wish to promote their products online.

Using our system will guarantee more followers on instagram and the best part about it is they are all natural and active so you have nothing to worry about, you are in safe hands, we never provide or sell your username to any third party companies for any reason whatsoever and that’s a promise.

To get started simply follow the simple instructions below, the process shouldn’t take any more that three minutes of your time.

By using your service you can gain followers almost instantly and the best thing about it is we do not require your password meaning all of our customers accounts are safe. 

Remember if you get stuck and need assistance you can always get in contact with us.

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1st Step

Simply enter your username, if your username is valid you will see your profile statistics, you will then have access to our packages which will be located below, select a package that best suits your needs and continue with the final step.

2nd Step

Once you entered your username and selected a package you must then complete a simple 2-3 minute survey to gain access to the free Instagram followers, once your survey is completed your followers will be released. Enjoy!

Enter Instagram Username

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Package #1


You will receive 100 Followers

Package #2


You will receive 250 Followers

Package #3


You will receive 1000 Followers

Package #4


You will receive 2500 Followers

Package #5


You will receive 5000 Followers

Package #6


You will receive 7500 Followers

Package #7


You will receive 10000 Followers

Package #8


You will receive 15000 Followers

Benefits of Instantly Followed

  • SAFE: We don’t breach Instagram’s Terms of service.
  • SECURE: We never distribute your username and we don’t require your password.
  • FAST: Get your followers within 24 hours* In most cases
  • EASY: Our system has been specifically made to deliver with ease, with our simple package selection and bot gateway you can’t go wrong.
  • RELIABLE: A source you can be certain will be there in the future and recommend to family and friends.

Why should you use our service?

  • If you wish to become famous on Instagram we would advise going for a package with a higher quantity of followers.
  • All of our followers are legit real people which are all active and checked on a regular basis.
  • If you have made a new account and feel friendless, we can help you get some!
  • If you are looking for a audience to sell to we can provide you with them.
  • If your a music artist IG is a great place to start.
See why our customers are so happy!

David’s Review:

Excellent professional service, I have tried to find a service that offers instagram followers free for quite some time, I entered my name selected a package and then completed the survey, around 15 minutes later I started receiving followers from the 250 Package, thank you very much!

Instantly Followed: David Smith selected our basic 250 package and received them all, why not get involved, and get yourself famous today!


before instagram followersAFTER:

after instagram followers

Jed’s Review:

Thanks I am so happy thanks for the followers I was looking for how to get free followers on instagram and came across this site gave it a go thinking I had no chance it would work but I can confirm it does, and it works well! Cannot thank you enough Instantly-Followed best one around! Cheers guys.

Instantly Followed: Jed selected our 5000 package, his followers were delivered within 24 hours and we have made yet another happy customer!


before instagram followersAFTER:

after instagram followers

Libby’s Review:

Well what can I say, I got the followers within 12 hours and I am a very happy girl! I was searching Google for how to get followers on Instagram but couldn’t find one site that does not scam or have any hidden catches, I am truly grateful of your service thanks guys.

Instantly Followed: Libby selected our 2500 package and as you can see received all followers as promised get free followers on instagram today!


before instagram followers


after instagram followers

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions

Haven’t received your followers or not full amount

Do not worry, as you can imagine our system processes a lot of orders a day and can sometimes fall behind, usual time for delivery is within a couple of hours but can in some cases take up to 48 hours. We would ask if you could wait at least three days before getting in touch where we will be happily to release the followers if we have not already done so.

Is my account at risk by using this service?

No way, we would never put your account in any danger of being banned or penalised. That is the last thing we would want here at Instantly Followed and to this day touch wood we have not had a single account banned and hope to keep it this way.

Cannot complete the quick survey

We implement these quick surveys to stop all those nasty bots from stealing our free followers on instagram and scamming people to pretend they are real accounts. If you are having trouble with a certain one then simply try another if the problem persists then please feel free to get in touch.

Can I get picture Likes with your service?

Unfortunately we do not offer this as a service at this moment in time. However this does not mean that this is something we have not thought about, you never know what the future holds. Be sure to check our blog for website updates.

Why do you only offer up to 15,000?

We know all of you greedy people love a bit of attention and fame but our service at this moment in time offers up to 15K originally we was only offering two packages being 500 and 1000 as packages and we are now fifth-teen times that so who knows what the future holds.

Free Followers on Instagram

Ever wondered why people have so many followers on Instagram but following so little people and hardly ever posting?

Well that’s most probably because they came across a service just like ours but unlike others we don’t ask for a single penny, I myself have used a paid services such as IDIGIC Followers and yes they do the job but I mean why pay for something when you can get it for free?.

I would hate to see you guys reach in to your pocket for something you don’t need to as our service is now better than it ever has been. All you have to do is enter your username and select a suitable package to your needs, once you completed the short bot gateway (Human verification) we will start sending the followers straight away.

Some delays may apply depending on queue times but usually received within 24 hours, go check our F.A.Q for more information.

We understand how annoying it is waiting for them to be delivered that’s why we are now in the process of making a delivery system that monitors the status of your order, it will not just give you a rough estimate but also the type of users you will have following you, that will include country (We tend to stick to UK & USA only) how often they are active and any other additional information that may aid you during the order process.

We do not require you to install any instagram followers app to get hold of your instagram free followers so what are you waiting for go get involved today and never look back.